Kitchen Countertops NYC

Kitchen Countertops NYC

White marble selection of countertops and slabs
White marble selection of countertops in NYC
Quartzite Slabs selection of countertops and slabs
Quartzite Slabs selection of countertops in NYC
Onyx Slabs selection of countertops and slabs
Onyx Slabs selection of countertops in NYC
Granite Slabs selection of countertops and slabs
Granite Slabs selection of countertops in NYC

Kitchen Countertop Remodel NYC

Whenever we remodel something we ask the same questions over and over again. What is the cheapest way to remodel? How do we renovate on a budget? What is the most popular way to redesign your kitchen? And of course, how much does it all cost?

These are all great questions and are absolutely essential to ask yourself before starting to remodel your kitchen but at the end of the day, it’s much more complex than that. Let dive in and take a closer look at these questions. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the kitchen renovation world, and you’ll definitely have all the tools needed to get your ideal design made.

Kitchen Countertops NYC
Kitchen Countertops NYC

The Most Popular Kitchen Designs

With each year that passes we find ourselves with new trends, in other words new “Popular”. Some of the past remodeling strategies are still famously used today, but let’s show you a better and newer style that you can use in 2019.

Quartz is King: Even in 2019, Quartz is still one of the most popular materials to style up your kitchen. Quartz was once introduced as a high-end alternative for Granite. Granite, a natural rock has for years dominated the Counter-tops market, but even though ideally it looks perfect – it has a downfall. Granite is a porous material, meaning that liquids like water, wine, and oils can seep through the surface causing staining. The porous issue can be resolved by sealing the granite surface with a non-porous sealant. But the sealant wears off with time & wear, so the countertop has to be resealed throughout its lifetime.

On the other hand, Quartz is non-porous and does not have to go through regular re-sealing. This means it is highly resistant against staining and is one of the most hygienic countertop options for homeowners. Furthermore, Quartz is a strong material making it a smart investment for a lifetime to come.

Counter-tops characteristics: This has become extremely popular throughout the years. Adding a touch of Veining and getting your Patterns into shape for your counter-top can add a special uniqueness to your house, transforming your kitchen to one of a kind.

Backsplash trends: If you consider yourself creative than this is definitely something you need to check out. The backsplash can be a fun part of the house to decorate as there always seems to be new trends and styles. This style lets you try and be a child for a change, as you can bring your kitchen modeling into life.

To this end, you should see what works best for you and what you like and works best for your home.

Durability and the Materials that come with it

There are many great materials out there that you can use for your worktop. From Quartz to Marble, we’re going to present to you the ones we think are the best in the 2019 market.

Granite countertops nyc
Granite countertops NYC

Granite: The “Go-To” material for years, Granite is a one of kind stone that is almost always the best way to go. Historically, granite has been an expensive material, but its cost has come down somewhat as supplies have increased and engineered stone has become more common.


-Almost impervious to heat

-Nearly 3,000 different colors and types available.

-Very strong and durable.

-Adds real estate value to your house.

-Nearly maintenance-free when treated with newer sealers.



-Slabs may have imperfections.

-Stone is porous and requires sealing to avoid stains.

-Can crack if stressed or improperly installed.

-Not suitable for DIY installation.

-Knives can be dulled if used on the Granite countertop.

Marble: Another kind of stone that is popular for kitchen remodeling. This stone has a trait unlike any other. No two sheets are the same, because of this every slab is unique in its own way.


-Exceptionally elegant stone, with individual veining.

-A smart investment for adding house value.

-Waterproof and heatproof.



-Stone is porous and stains easily unless sealed.

-DIY installation is not possible.

-Can be scratched; repairs at times might be difficult.

Quartz: Quartz, an engineered stone that has conquered the countertop market over the years. A stone product that contains as much as 93 percent quartz particles and other minerals, shaped into slabs and bound with resins. These are not solid quartz slabs produced by quarrying.

Quartz Countertops NYC
Quartz Countertops NYC


-Can be custom-fabricated in any size and shape.

-More convincing, natural appearance than solid surface material.

-Easy to maintain, no sealing required.

-Resists stains and is impervious to heat and acid.

-Slabs are uniform, with no imperfections.

-DIY installation possible, though countertops are very heavy.



As you can see, each stone has its Pros and Cons. If you’re looking for durability than Quartz is the best. If you’re looking for uniqueness than consider Marble stone as your best friend. You must consider what you need and what you need. These two questions will lead you to your ideal slab.

It’s all about the Money

The average cost of remodeling your kitchen can average around $12,594-$33,118. There are a few factors to take into account.

1) How long the project takes.

2) Your location.

3) Wall to tear.

4) Existing units.

In order to cut on the money, you can do your own demolition, but it is wise to leave it for professionals. A few things to keep in mind if you want to save on your renovation. Never pass your budget. A lot of people tend to pass the budget they had in mind, and get carried away. Always think of your remodeling as an investment for yourself. Not only will it add to your house value, but it will definitely also give you something to brag about to your friends.

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