Showroom VS Warehouse

Kitchen Countertops Showroom VS Warehouse


Generally, when one is in search of a stone be it granite, quartz, quartzite or even marble, showrooms tend to be considered over warehouses. There are actually a lot of reasons to that, one of the most obvious being the quite sophisticated appearance of showrooms.

Actually, showrooms do offer a more luxurious appearance by the way they are arranged.

Granite and Marble Warehouse in New York
Granite and Marble Warehouse in New York

However, beyond the appearance, when searching for granite, marble or quartzite slabs for either home use or any large-scale project, it is by far better to go to a warehouse than to a showroom for various reasons we are going to examine below.

1-   Warehouses Have More Professional Staff hence, Better Advice: 

Indeed, compared to showrooms that have only sales men that know close to nothing about stones, in warehouses you get to meet professionals that have worked with stones for a long time and hence know them perfectly.

Back to the salesmen in showrooms, they only know little about the materials or at most the obvious but if you need real professional advice, it is better to go to warehouses because the people there have a better knowledge of the material and how it may react and of course how to take care of it once you take it home which is very much important.

2-   You Get to Better See What You Are Buying: 

You probably know by now that there are high chances that exposed products drastically differ from the real ones. The case of stones is no exception to that, as the exposed piece found in a showroom may be completely different from the entire slab. That is why to get a better view of what you are buying, it is better to opt for warehouses where you can fully see the stone and decide for yourself if it corresponds to what you are looking for or not.

Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in NYC
Kitchen and Bath Showrooms in NYC

As a matter of fact, in a warehouse, you can get advice on what to choose depending on what you are looking for. For example, if you need a stone that will be able to stand heat, and you want marble, you will be advised to choose marble look alike materials that stand heat. Such advice and assistance can only be given by professionals that know exactly what materials they deal with.

We hope you were able to understand why warehouses are by far a better idea than showrooms. And we will therefore conclude by saying that, it will be better to get sound advice from professionals at warehouses in order to avoid getting some material in the end that does not correspond to what you were looking for.