Quartz stone in New York City

Quartz stone in New York City

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Stone in New York City is the best available at CountertopsNewYork.net we supply and install the best quality quartz stone countertops in New York City.

We take our tagline very seriously; our company directors are made up of third-generation stonemasons and Interior Designers.

We are committed to providing affordable stone countertops in New York City and New York statewide.

The quartz kitchen countertops are perfectly suited for all types of kitchens in Downtown Brooklyn, NY.

Indeed, its none pores make the quartz kitchen countertops very stain resistant and its texture prevents bacteria from developing.

Quartz Stone is resistant to temperature rises of up to 180 degrees.

In addition to the longevity offered by Quartz Stone, its design and its large color catalog are what characterize it. The options it offers are almost limitless, the colors range from shades of white, black, or brown to gold and blue.

A quartz kitchen countertop will not only add character to your kitchen but will give you better performance than other traditional materials.


Composition of Quartz:

Quartz Stone’s surface is made of 94% natural quartz, which makes it extremely hard and durable.

It also contains small amounts of metallic or glass elements to achieve a unique work surface for the kitchen.

The colors of the quartz kitchen countertops can be smooth or honed.


Quartz Kitchen Countertops maintenance:

Due to the low porosity of Quartz Stone, it is sufficient to clean the work surface daily with soapy water.

We recommend using a turban to avoid any risk of discoloration of the surface due to thermal shock.



The thickness of the Quartz Kitchen Countertops varies from 2cm to 3 cm. The Quartz Stone is processed in full mass, so the veins will be visible at the edges.


The advantages of quartz surface:

Resistance to shocks, bacteria, heat up to 180 degrees.




Quartz stones Countertops in New York City

Quartz stones Countertops  in New York City


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